Contracor BAF Respiratory Air Filter

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When it comes to your safety while blasting, having a high-quality air filter is critical. The Contracor BAF air filter is designed to deliver clean air to your blast helmet blast, by removing condensate, oil and up to 98% of particles with a size of +0.5 microns. It is also equipped with a pressure regulator, pressure gauge, safety valve and drain valve, making it a versatile and reliable breathing air filter. In addition, the Contracor BAF air filter can be retrofitted to work for two or more users, making it an excellent choice for any grit blasting project.

The cartridge of the AFC air filter should be changed regularly, approximately every 450 operating hours, depending on the quality of the air supply. A filter only needs to be purchased once. Only the cartridge needs to be replaced regularly.

A cartridge consists of six layers:
  • Carded cotton removes macro particles.
  • Activated Aluminium Oxide absorbs oil and moisture.
  • Activated charcoal removes odors and moisture.
  • Felt material removes macro particles.
  • Respiratory felt in the final stage acts as a final filter before the air is transferred to the user.
  • Moisture particles are removed by the swirling of air in the outer cylinder.
Important: The filter does not remove carbon monoxide (CO) or other toxic gases!


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