Contracor PBT-2 Rotoblast Pipe Blasting Tool

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The Contracor PBT-2 Rotoblast is the perfect accessory for anyone looking for easy cleaning of the internal surface of pipes. It is durable, portable, and most of all, easy to use. The Rotoblast guarantees considerable increases in productivity. It consists of an adjustable centre carriage and a constant speed rotating blast head to produce a uniform cleaned blast surface. The carriage is adjustable for an inside diameter beteen 12” (304,8 mm) to 36” (914,4 mm). The rotating head is driven by compressed air and two radially positioned blast nozzles. The adjustment of the feed allows a high operational flexibility for all degrees of corrosion of the inner surfaces. The PBT-2 ROTOBLAST unit can be operated with nozzles with 19mm (fine) thread. 

Package includes
  • PBT-2 Rotoblast Pipe Blasting Tool
  • Legs set
  • 2 x NTC(F)-6.5 (6.5mm) nozzles
  • 10 x spare leather washers


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