3M™ 9936 Particulate Respirator, FFP3, 5/PK

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The 3M™ 9936 Nuisance Acid Odor Dust Mask is lightweight, and effectively, comfortably and hygienically protects your airways from dust and mist and nuisance concentrations of acid gases.


  • Robust shell and cup design: fits most face shapes and sizes, retains its shape well during use and resists folding
  • 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve: The Cool Flow valve reduces heat buildup inside the mask to give workers comfortable protection, even in humid conditions and heat
  • Color-coded bands: Easily identifiable degree of protection through color-coded bands.
  • FFP3 - Reliable, effective protection against ozone gas and relief from nuisance concentrations of acid gases (lower than TLV)
  • Compatible with: Eye protection from 3M, hearing protection from 3M
  • Colored braided headbands for easy identification: red for FFP3
  • Comfortable, light and spacious
  • Good fit for large and small faces thanks to the curved shape, nose clip and double headband
  • Suitable for: 3M eyewear, 3M ear protection
  • Users must read all instructions before use. Misuse can cause injury or serious or life-threatening illness
  • Package Contents: 5 masks

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