PanBlast BCG-1 Coupling Gasket (10/pk)

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PanBlast™ Coupling Gaskets are designed to fit the recess within hose and blast pot couplings and provide a positive seal between the connections. Locking pins are used to secure the connection between couplings for safety.

Available in the sizes:
- BCG-0
- BCG-1/2
- BCG-1
- NCG-1
- NCG-2
- NCG-1-25

Gasket Selection Chart

Product code Description Suitable for coupling
BAC-HC-PB-0015 BCG-0 Coupling gasket SHC-0STC-0
BAC-HC-PB-0016 BCG-1/2 Coupling gasket

BAC-HC-PB-0017 BCG-1 Coupling gasket

BAC-HC-PB-0018 NCG-1 Coupling gasket NHC-3/4
BAC-HC-PB-0019 NCG-2 Coupling gasket NHC-2
BAC-HC-PB-0059 NCG-1-25 Coupling gasket NHC-1-25

Core Features

- Shore hardness of 70-75 for a pliable, yet durable seal.
- 6 sizes available to suit SHC and NHC connectors.
- Supplied in packs of ten (10) pieces.

Common Applications
- Gasket replacement for PanBlast™ blast host and pot connectors.
- Gasket replacement for most OEM connectors.

Want to learn more about the different types of PanBlast coupling gaskets?
Then check out the abridged PanBlast Couplings & Nozzle Holder quick guide or the full PanBlast Nozzle Catalogue.

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