PanBlast NHC-1-25 Nylon Blast Hose Coupling (for 25mm ID hose)

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PanBlast Nylon Hose Couplings (NHC) are designed for lightweight, durable connection of the blast hose to the pot, or coupling of multiple blast hoses. Nylon couplings are suitable for most general blasting operations where impact damage is unlikely.

Available in the sizes:
- 1/2, to fit 34mm OD hose
- 3/4, to fit 34mm OD with 19mm ID hose
- 1, to fit 38mm OD hose
- 1-25, to fit 38mm OD with 25mm ID hose
- 2, to fit 48mm OD hose
- 3, to fit 55mm OD hose
- 4, to fit 60mm OD hose

Nylon Jet Coupling Selection Chart

Product code Description Claw-size Suitable for outside hose size
Suitable gasket
BAC-HC-PB-0054 NHC-1/2 Nylon Blast Hose Coupling  M 34mm (1-5/16") BCG-1/2
BAC-HC-PB-0051 NHC-3/4 Nylon Blast Hose Coupling (for 19mm ID hose) L 34mm (1-5/16") NCG-1
BAC-HC-PB-0001 NHC-1 Nylon Blast Hose Coupling  L 38mm (1-1/2") NCG-1
BAC-HC-PB-0060 NHC-1-25 Nylon Blast Hose Coupling  (for 25mm ID hose) L 38mm (1-1/2") NCG-1-25
BAC-HC-PB-0002 NHC-2 Nylon Blast Hose Coupling  L 48mm (1-7/8") NCG-2
BAC-HC-PB-0003 NHC-3 Nylon Blast Hose Coupling  L 55mm (2-3/16") NCG-2
BAC-HC-PB-0039 NHC-4 Nylon Blast Hose Coupling  L 60mm (2-3/8") NCG-2

Matching Blast Couplings

Product code Description Claw Size Thread
Suitable gasket
BAC-HC-PB-0057 NTC-1/2 Nylon Threaded Pot Coupling  M 13mm (1/2") BCG-1/2
BAC-HC-PB-0009 NTC-1 Nylon Threaded Pot Coupling  L 32mm (1-1/4") NCG-2


- Lightweight, durable injection molded nylon.
- Internal raised thread eases blast hose fitting and prevents slippage.
- Pre-installed, spring loaded safety lock pins

General Applications-
- On site industrial and commercial blasting.
- Blast and painting contractor yard work.
- Blast room applications.
- In situ blasting in shipyards and slipways.

More information about the different types of PanBlast blast couplings?

Then check out the abridged PanBlast Couplings & Nozzle Holder quick guide or the full PanBlast Nozzle Catalogue.


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