PanBlast Sidewinder 5x1 45º Angle Blast Nozzle

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PanBlast™ SideWinder angle nozzles are designed for locations not normally accessible by conventional nozzles. The nozzle outlets are located on the side at a 45˚ angle. Available in various designs with single and multiple outlets.

Available in sizes #4 (6.4mm) with 1 or 3 outlets, #5 (7.9mm) with 1 or 3 outlets & #6 (9.5mm) with 1 or 3 outlets.

- Lightweight, durable aluminum jacket
-Robust, water-resistant tungsten carbide core
50mm (2") contractor-style coarse thread.

Common applications
- Internal pipe cleaning operations
- Blasting under ledges and other protruding, hard-to-reach areas
- Industrial blasting on site
- Large or small blast pot operations

Want to learn more about the different types of PanBlast nozzles?
Then check out the abridged PanBlast Nozzle Product Guide or the full PanBlast Nozzle Catalogue.

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