Contracor ACP Pneumatische Perslucht Nakoeler

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Capacity: 20 m³/min
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This Contracor compressed air aftercooler is the perfect device for those who want to remove condensate and oil from their airflow during blasting. With this product, you are able to obtain dry and cleaned compressed air, preventing caking of blasting media, increasing your performance and reducing your maintenance costs. This efficient aftercooler can remove up to 95% of the condensate and oil commonly found in compressed air - meaning you will experience less wear and tear on your equipment, less downtime and fewer service calls. Keep your system running smoothly with the Contracor compressed air aftercooler.

Designed for any type of portable and stationary screw (diesel) compressor. Compressed air flowing from a diesel compressor has a high temperature of up to about 90°C. At such a temperature, compressed air contains a large amount of moisture in the form of steam vapour. If no aftercooler and cyclone condensate separator are used, compressed air can add up to 21 litres of water per hour to the system at a compressor operating at a capacity of 5.7 m³/min and a pressure of 7 bar. Contracor ACP systems cool the compressed air to a temperature 3-10°C higher than the ambient temperature. Once the air is cooled, the vapour moisture condenses and up to 95% of the condensed moisture is removed from the air stream.

Functional characteristics

  • Portable design
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Efficient cyclone separator
  • Distributing header to three or four ball valves
  • Contactor starter in sealed casing
  • Pressure controller / filter / lubricator

  • Technical data

    ACP-1 ACP-2 ACP-3
    Maximum working pressure (bar) 12 12 12
    Capacity (m³/min)
    20 30 45
    Pressure of air motor min/max (bar)
    2 / 6 2 / 6 2 / 6
    Consumption of compressed air with min/max pressure of air motor (m³/min)
    0,6 / 1,4
    0,6 / 1,4 0,6 / 1,4
    Thread connection, inlet 1½" 2" 3"
    Thread connection, outlet




    aandrijving Pneumatic


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