Contracor ASPECT Blast Helmet

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The Contracor ASPECT blast helmet is perfect for all types of blasting operations. It is lightweight and comfortable, with a wide viewing window that is perfect for low motion situations, such as blasting rooms or cleaning the inside of tanks and holds. This affordable helmet is an essential piece of equipment for any professional blaster.

The blast helmet is more than just protection for your head! It also makes for a better working environment. The rugged shell provides durability, so you can wear it with peace of mind knowing that it will last longer than any other type of gear - even when the going gets rough. Airflow through the visor prevents haze or fatigue while maximizing productivity. The top of the hood protects against flying debris and abrasive media. Penetration of abrasive media between the lenses is prevented by an integrated, 1"-deep visor. The window can be easily closed with a slot that aligns the locking pawl and tab. The cape is attached to the bottom edge of the helmet with an adjustable buckle that ensures a snug fit and easy replacement. Two lenses and a wire mesh screen ensure good visibility and safety for the user.


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