Contracor DVBC Double Venturi Nozzle

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Internal Diameter: #4 (1/4" / 6.4 mm)
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The Contracor DVBC Double Venturi Nozzle is a high quality industrial nozzle that is used for blast cleaning. It has a boron carbide core for enhanced performance and an aluminum jacket. The nozzle has gaps midway to facilitate the entry of atmospheric air. This causes a turbulent airflow which increases the size of the blast pattern up to 35% at a slight cost in abrasive velocity. The service life of the nozzle is up to 1000 hours. It fits 50mm thread nozzle holders and has an entry size of 32mm.
Internal diameter Length (mm)
#4 (6.5mm) 130
#5 (8mm) 150
#6 (9.5mm) 170
#7 (11mm) 200
#8 (12.5mm) 210


classificatie Double Venturi
draad 50 mm (2")
materiaal Boron Carbide

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