Contracor PTC-360° Internal Pipe Blasting Nozzle

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Product: Complete Internal Pipe Blast Nozzle
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Looking for an internal pipe blasting nozzle that can handle pipes ranging in size from 2.5” (60 mm) to 5” (125 mm) I.D.? Consider the Contracor PTC-360° Internal Pipe Blasting Nozzle.

In operation, this nozzle directs the air/abrasive mixture at the deflection tip, which causes the blast pattern to fan out into a wide, circular 360 degree pattern. This ensures that the inside of the pipe is clean as the nozzle is passed through.

The nozzle is 75 mm in length and 8 mm wide. The tip is made from highly wear-resistant tungsten carbide (TC) for a lifetime up to 400 hours, the jacket is made from aluminium. It fits on 50 mm thread nozzle.


classificatie Pipe Blaster
draad 50 mm (2")
materiaal Tungsten Carbide


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