PanBlast Hypodermic Pressure Gauge

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Product: Hypodermic Pressure Gauge
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The PanBlast™ hypodermic pressure gauge is a practical and economical tool for checking blast pressure where it matters most: at the blast nozzle. It is particularly relevant for applications where blast pressure is critical, such as blast systems with large hose lengths and for checking blast pressure after nozzle wear.

The hypodermic pressure gauge contains 3 needles.
Order the injection needle set for replacement needles. This set contains 20 injection needles.

Please note that these needles are not sterile, and therefore unsuitable for medical purposes.

  • Full range, base entry pressure dial indicator
  • Fine hypodermic needle for clean blast hose penetration
  • No blast hose leaks after hypodermic needle removal
  • Suitable for pressures up to 10 bar (1 Mpa, 145 psi)
General applications
  • Actual pressure verification at the blast nozzle
  • To assist with blast equipment setup and quality control
  • Blast pressure verification after some nozzle wear


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