QuikStop IIS Deadman Control Handle

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The PanBlast™ QuikStop IIS Pneumatic Control Handle is an ergonomic deadman device, allowing an operator to safely operate the blast nozzle without a conventional hold down handle, thus reducing operator fatigue.

This is a bleeder type deadman handle. A bleeder type handles in un-activated state provides a constant air bleed to atmosphere with a hissing sound. Note that dirt and grease buildup inside the twinline (deadman control) hose can plug the bleed hole and cause the blast unit to be activated. Bleeder type deadman handles are therefore less safe compared to non-bleed deadman handles.

- Simple ball and wrist strap device
- Works with standard twinline hose
- Immediate pilot air shutoff if blast hose is dropped
- Reduces operator fatigue

General Applications
- General abrasive blasting operations
- Operations requiring extended blasting uptime


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