PanBlast Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

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The PanBlast™ Tornado internal pipe blasting tool is designed to clean the internal surfaces of pipes from 200 mm (8") to 900 mm (36") I.D. or optionally up to 1525 mm (60") I.D. with the use of the 50 mm(2") nozzle head and large carriage system. The tool is driven by the blast air supplying the two nozzles in the rotating blast head.

Blast Head
Two different sizes of blast heads are available:
  • The PanBlast Tornado pipe blasting tool comes standard with a rotating blast head suitable for 2 nozzles with 19 mm thread (3/4")
  • Optionally, a large rotating head for 2 nozzles with 50 mm thread can be ordered
There are 3 different sizes of carriages available:
  • Small: Suitable for tubes and pipes with a diameter of 205mm (8") to 430mm (17")
  • Medium: Suitable for tubes and pipes with a diameter of 305mm (12") to 915mm (36")
  • Large: Suitable for tubes and pipes with a diameter of 1015mm (40") to 1525mm (60")

Features of the PanBlast™ Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool
  • A customised thermoplastic sleeve and bleed air–venting configuration provides long tool service life and superior rotary joint sealing
  • A spring adjusted sealing arrangement offers positive sealing pressure and eliminates the need for tool adjustment during operation and frequent seal replacement
  • The use of a customized venturi injector in conjunction with a case hardened spindle tube arrangement for abrasive flow provides reliable and efficient non-stop tool operation
  • A speed limiter provides both superior speed control and rotational balance, thereby reducing tool vibration during operation
  • The use of dual seals minimizes dust ingress, providing added protection for the spindle bearings, resulting in reduced down time due to tool seizure
  • The tool can be used with non-metallic and metallic abrasives


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